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Problem Description

This problem considers a 2D section of a tube bank. A schematic of the problem is shown in Figure  2.1. The bank consists of uniformly spaced tubes with a diameter of 1 cm, which are staggered across the cross-fluid flow. Their centers are separated by a distance of 2 cm in the $x$ direction, and 1 cm in the $y$ direction. The bank has a depth of 1 m.

Figure 2.1: Schematic of the Problem

Because of the symmetry of the tube bank geometry, only a portion of the domain needs to be modeled. The computational domain is shown in outline in Figure  2.1. A mass flow rate of 0.05 kg/s is applied to the inlet boundary of the periodic module. The temperature of the tube wall ( $T_{\rm wall}$) is 400 K and the bulk temperature of the cross flow water ( $T_\infty$) is 300 K. The properties of water that are used in the model are shown in Figure  2.1.

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